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From dumbwaiters to heavy-loads, we can design and install your lift to almost any size and weight. Our engineering and design team will make a reliable, cost-effective and long-lasting lift to fit your requirement. 



Combining our expertise and vast experience, we design & install lifts for almost any specification. Contact us today and let us know of your project! 


At Specialist Lift Services, we have designed many different vehicle lifts, from luxury cars to lorries. Our expert engineering, combined with our vast experience allows us to design and install the lift you need. We understand security and reliability is key, which is why we have specialists both in-house and around the world to ensure you get the lift you want.


We understand the importance of having a reliable and straight-forward goods lift in your building. Keeping your business flowing is the priority and we can help you achieve that.


We have overcome many challenges whether it be high loads, unusual shafts or large space requirements. Our team of engineers and designers use the ideal components, materials and design elements to provide a long-lasting and reliable lift.

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